About this Website

Welcome to Paul Oratofsky's Fine Art B&W Photography website.

The structure of this site revolves around two main sections: the Gallery and the Catalog. The Gallery is a showcase for new images and new combinations of images. The Catalog is a keepingplace for existing work, organized by subject. Both will be updated frequently.

You will find the site changing and evolving as new work develops, as I experiment with new ways of making images, and new ways of combining & presenting them. One of my experiments involves using materials other than photographic film as negatives (see "

Candid Abstractions.") Another involves trying new ways of displaying work — such as in diptychs, triptychs, and polytychs — treating each image as if it were a word or phrase — to combine with others — to form visual sentences or paragraphs.

Most images are available for purchase in a variety of sizes, formats, and prices. Limited edition folios or suites of prints will also be available, as will low-priced items like note cards. See the For Sale section for more information about this.

I plan to add new material often. If you want to be informed of changes, please leave your email address on the Contact page. I also send out 2 or 3 postcard announcements a year and will be glad to include you in those mailings if you leave your regular mailing address — also on the Contact page. You can also unsubscribe to any of these services, even if you never subscribed to them in the first place.

Following is a table of the main sections of the website and what you’ll find there. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Enjoy all.


A list of the main sections of the site, highlighting recent additions and changes. Clicking the large photograph will take you to the most recently featured exhibit or category of images.
Displays of the shows, old and new.
Images categorized by subject, such as NYC, boats, clouds, water, etc.
Upcoming real-world exhibits, street fairs, sales, appearances, etc.
Prints for sale. Sizes, formats, prices, and how to order them. Low-priced items such as note cards, postcards, and mounted cards, as well as sale items will also be listed here.
Bio, resume, artist statements, information about photography, links to other sites, and more.
A playground for displays of silliness, absurdity, attempts at humor, and experiments. Also where I will explore my take on existence, in my ongoing IEU (Illustrated Explanation of the Universe).
A form for contacting me. To be notified by email about new exhibits, enter your email address. To be included in the postcard mailings, enter your regular mailing address. Or contact the webmaster about website issues. All roads lead to yours truly.