Paul Oratofsky is a self-taught fine art B&W photographer working with photography since 1968. He did commercial work for a few years, but his main interest has been to create works of art, which is all he currently does.

Born & raised in Brooklyn, he’s also lived and worked in England, Morocco, and Maine, but he found NYC to be his true home, where, from 1979 to the present, he’s been living and working in Greenwich Village.

He does strictly black & white photography, and does all his own processing, from film development to making the prints. He learned from reading, comments from others, and experimentation.

He had a career designing and developing software systems from 1965 to 1990. However interesting & satisfying that was, he was interested in engaging senses and feelings that only working an art would require.
He uses the following equipment & materials:

camera: Canon EOS A-2 35mm body with Canon 28-105mm and 100-300mm zoom lenses.

film: Tri-X at 400 or T-Max 3200 (TMZ) at 3200 — each developed in D-76 straight.

paper: Fiber = Forte Polygrade V; RC = Agfa Multicontrast Preimium, each developed in Dektol 1:2. Fiber prints are toned in Kodak’s Rapid Selenium Toner.

enlargers: Saunders VCCE with a Schneider Componon lens; Omega B-22 with an El Nikor lens.

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